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What We Provide

With a dedicated team of experienced attorneys, we know that the best way to address our clients’ legal issues is to understand their business and industry. Your case is important to us — read on to learn about our areas of expertise.


We are experienced and well versed in a wide range of transactions, reflecting the diversity of our clientele, both local and foreign, and the industries in which they operate in.

Our team handles a wide range of corporate finance, regulatory and compliance, general corporate and commercial matters. We are able to skilfully and effectively deal with the commercial, operational and legal aspects of each transaction. Amongst other things, our team is skilled in the following areas:

  • Franchise & licensing

  • Shares subscription & shareholders’ arrangement

  • Shares sale & assets sale

  • Joint venture

  • Private equity and venture capital

  • Personal data protection compliance

  • Wide range of commercial contracts


We are a legal firm located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with experience in debt recovery from a simple goods sold delivered claim to multi million claim. 

We have conducted claim at various forum ranging from  tribunals, Small Claim Court, Magistrates Court, Sessions Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court.

We have successfully advised clients on the effective mode of execution of judgments including registration of foreign judgment in Malaysia.

We truly understand the important of costs effectiveness in debt recovery. Call us to know more about legal debt recovery in Malaysia.


We provide professional advise on family and matrimonial matters in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

We truly understands the complexities arising from divorces and we ensure sufficient time, assets and resources are allocated to ensure our client's interests are well protected.

Our clients shall only serve to gain from  our experience in handling divorce in Malaysia founded in entrenched understanding of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976, decided cases and other primary legislation.

Trust us with your concerns and hear us for the solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Talk to us today about your problems and let it rest on the shoulders of our experienced counsels.


We provide comprehensive services in the area of Employment and Industrial Relations which include the following:

i. Advisory work to management on various issues;

ii. Employment contracts;

iii. Drafting of other employment related agreements;

iv. Separation Scheme (Voluntary & Mutual Separation Scheme);

v. Transfer of employees;

vi. Negotiations of collective agreements with trade unions;

v. Settlement of disputes between management and union/employees;

vi. Non-compliance at industrial court, which would include reviews at High Court and thereafter appeal at the Court of Appeal and Federal Court (if applicable);

vii. Attending to a claim of unfair dismissal at the Industrial Court, which would include reviews at High Court and thereafter appeal at the Court of Appeal and Federal Court (if applicable);

viii. Managing employee issues at the work place;

ix. Advising on retrenchment exercise and restructuring of employees when there is a merger and/or restructuring exercise.

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